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We are specialists in bike tours in Peloponnese and pioneers in developing bicycle tourism all around Greece. As we are based in Tripoli in the center of Peloponnese, this was area that we started creating our first bicycle routes back in 2013.  Today our bicycle fleet is consisted in more than 150 bicycles of different types of bikes and today we organize tours all around Greece.

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Day-by-day itinerary


Transfer under request from the Athens airport to Vytina, which is a beautiful traditional settlement, that played an important role during the Greek Independence War in 1821. The village is located at the foot of the mountain range Mainalo at an altitude of 1.033 meters and thanks to its excellent nature, is considered one of the most famous tourist resorts of Peloponnese and one of the best in Greece. In the winter it is often covered with snow and offer a unique insight to the visitor. When you arrive, you will get your bikes and equipment at the hotel. Overnight Vytina.

DAY 2: Vytina – Alonistaina – Piana – Tripoli (37.9Km/+552m./-910m.)

In the morning, you will begin the trip to Tripoli. The route, uphill at the beginning, will take you through mountain Mainalo, a magnificent cycling route among fir trees to the village of Alonistaina, 6 km southeast of Vytina. Alonistaina is situated at about 1200m elevation, making it one of the highest villages in the Peloponnese and is considered to be a traditional settlement. After a small stop to enjoy the beautiful landscape, you continue to Piana, another traditional and historical settlement, at 1090m elevation. In the centre of the village built on a big rock, you will find the big church of Saint Georgios. The body of the church is made of stone and it was a fort in 1821 during the Greek War of Independence. It is worth walking round the church to admire the view of the plain downhill. Next to the church you will find a traditional ‘kafeneio’ (café) that we recommend, and have a rest, drink coffee or have a snack. 
In the historical village of Piana, Theodoros Kolokotronis, the Greek general and the pre-eminent leader of the Greek War of Independence (1821–1829) against the Ottoman Empire, organised the Greek troops that supported the Battle at Valtetsi, and later dominated the town of Tripoli. After visiting Piana you continue cycling downhill to Tripoli. 
Tripoli, the capital of Arcadia in central Peloponnese, built in an altitude of 650m in the plateau of Mantinea. It is a modern town that nowadays manages to maintain the pure Greek way of living away from mass-tourism! It used to be the capital of Peloponnese during the Ottoman Empire due to its strategic geographical location in the centre of the peninsula with a significant role during the Greek Independence War (1821-1828). You will have the chance to walk around the promenade center of the town, before you return to the hotel and get ready for the following 5-day exciting ride. Overnight Tripoli.


In the morning, you will begin the trip around the plateau of Tripoli. You will cycle through scattered vineyards and apple trees until you discover the excavations of the ancient city of Mantinea, one of the most important ancient Greek cities regarding its size and conservation. You can walk around the preserved archaeological site and admire the sanctuaries in the center of the city and the ancient Greek theater which could hold up to 6.200 spectators.On the opposite side of the site you shouldn’t miss a visit to the extravagant surreal church of Saint Fotini which combines several architectural elements (Classical, Byzantine, and Minoan) and was built in 1972. 
The flat ride continues through small fruit crops, before your arrival at Kapsia settlement. There, a true underground marvel of nature is situated, the Kapsia cave which is registered among the ten most notable Caves of Greece. Multi-colored stalactites and stalagmites created gradually through millions of years, bright red, yellow and sky blue bring out masterpieces of unequal beautifulness made by Mother Nature. Then return to Tripoli passing through the narrow provincial roads! Overnight Tripoli.

DAY 4: TRIPOLI- ANCIENT TEGEA - PARALIO ASTROS (54.6Km/ + 700m./- 1276m.)

Today you leave Tripoli, and pretty soon you arrive through the meadows at Tegea settlement, another very important city-state of ancient Greece. What is unique here is the fact that you can see history in layers! The Byzantine church of Madonna Dormition built in the mid-10th c. AC is constructed exactly over the ruins of the ancient theatre dated the Hellenistic era and using parts of it! You can also see the Agora and on the south the temple of Athena Alea, one of the most celebrated temples of the Classical period and the second larger ancient temple after the one of Zeus in ancient Olympia! 
You continue the descend towards the sea cycling through Parnonas Mountain among olive groves, passing by picturesque small villages and visit olive oil factories if you wish. On your way you will also meet the ancient city of Eva where lays the recently excavated ruins of Herodes Atticus mansion with dozens of sculptures and partially colorful mosaics to see. 
Soon, you arrive in Paralio Astros, a beautiful small fishing village with no more than 900 inhabitants built almost artistically along the so called «Island» peninsula. You can spend the rest of your day swimming or sunbathing on the sandy beach, wandering around the streets, visit the castle on the top of the hill or walk by the picturesque harbor which accommodates small boats. Don’t forget to relax at the cafes and taverns where you can always find fresh fish and other homemade local specialties. Overnight Paralio Astros.

DAY 5: PARALIO ASTROS – NAFPLIO (45Km/+457m./- 443m.)

Today get ready for an amazing coastal ride towards Nafplio. Fascinating images of deep blue sea expect you today while cycling along the Argolic Gulf coastline with slight ups and downs. Soon you reach Mili, a small seaside resort where you can relax enjoying a beverage or a meal facing the sparkling sea. In addition you can visit the archaeological site of Ancient Lerna with exhibitions of prehistoric and Bronze Age. The lake of ancient Lerna where Hercules killed the mythical beast with the many heads, Lernea Hydra lies just in the entrance of Mili. The ride continues through the vast plains before you arrive in Argos, one of the oldest Greek cities, hometown of Hercules. There, up on Larissa Mountain, the imposing fortress stands with the Cyclopean walls while at the foot of the mountain you can visit the ancient theater of Argos, one of the biggest in Greece. 
You continue for the last kilometers to Nafplio, the famous and incomparable seaside town where natural beauty, history and modern way of living are all combined harmonically; narrow old streets, the marbled main square, neo classic buildings, modern cafes, the vivid night life and of course the dominating castle “Palamidi” and the Bourtzi fort in the sea! The beautiful promenade right along the characteristic harbor is full most of the day with small fishing boats and luxurious yachts. Overnight Nafplio.

DAY 6: ROUND TRIP TO MYCENAE (51Km/ +358m./- 368m.)
Today, riding through the beautiful countryside you are going to explore the great city of the Bronze Age, Mycenae, over 3500 years old! On your way, you can make a stop at the huge castle remains at Tiryns, which was considered to be one of the most important centers in the Eastern Mediterranean. Then you cycle through orange and lemon groves, till you reach Mycenae, the kingdom of mythical King Agamemnon, which was for a long time the center of Greek civilization. The Acropolis of Mycenae-fortress with the old Cyclopean walls was built 3360 years ago in an altitude of 280m. The uphill part at the edge of the mountainside is quickly forgotten as you marvel at impressive excavations and important findings. The world-famous Lions Gate at the main entrance of the Acropolis which constitutes the first example of monumental sculpture in Europe and the shaft graves such as the well preserved vaulted Atreus Grave, Agamemnon’s father, are among the major cultural and historical attractions of Greece.  Return to Nafplio and overnight there.
DAY 7:  ROUND TRIP TO EPIDAURUS (41.8Km/ +331m/-631m)

The last biking day of your journey begins with a transfer to Epidaurus, which counts to the historical highlights of every trip to Greece. You will quickly understand why. You will be impressed by the huge and well-preserved, over 2300 year ancient theater, which could hold up to 14000 viewers in its time and in which nowadays during summer time hosts theatrical plays! Epidaurus is considered to be the birthplace of medicine as it was the most important healing center of antiquity with a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius, the god of healing. A visit through the archaeological site indicates the view that ancient Greeks had about medicine and healing which concentrates on the principal: “healthy mind in healthy body”. Watching theatre plays was an important part of that process. 
You will also discover the remains of the ancient city with temples, porticoes, houses, shops and spas. After having met Epidaurus you cycle mostly downhill through mountainous landscape and through the vast pistachio growing region to the coast. Enjoy again a dip in the crystal clear sea water and look forward to another night in Nafplion. Overnight Nafplion.

After a good breakfast, you will take you luggage and get ready for your way back to the airport. If you wish, you can add some more in this trip, like a guided tour to the Acropolis of Athens or just staying a couple of days more in Athens. In addition, you can check the rest of our programs and combine another one if you are interested such as our Archaeology Tour of Greece, Multi-Activity Holidays or just spend some days relaxing in a sea-side destination.

Archaeological & Cultural Biking Tour in Greece

Combine cycling with sightseeing the most popular archaeological sites of Central-East Peloponnese!




8 days

Item Title


Arrival in Athens National Airport and transfer upon request to Sparta, the capital of Laconia. It is well known as the kingdom of King Leonidas whose statue stands imposing in front of the stadium of the town, and for the 300 brave Spartans who fought against the numerous Persian armies in Thermopylae back in 480 BC. Sparta is built on foot of mount Taygetos in an altitude of 216 meters next to Evrotas River and a valley full of orange, olive, lemon and other trees extends around the city.  

You will have the chance to walk around and explore the night life of the city. You can visit the ancient Greek theater of the Spartans, which has a capacity of 16.000 spectators and the temple of the Chalkoikos Athena together with the other ancient Greek and Byzantine remains in the Acropolis of the city. For the lovers of gastronomy and food and also of the tradition and culture, the olive oil museum is another interesting choice! There you can see exhibits that narrate the evolution and development of the production of olive oil and olive harvest, two products that are so connected to Greek culture. In case you arrive late in Sparta and you will not have time to visit any of the above, you can do it probably in the next morning before your departure. Overnight Sparta.

DAY 2:  SPARTA – MYSTRAS– GYTHEIO (67Km/+830 m/ -1026 m)

In the morning, we will deliver to you the bikes with your equipment at the hotel. Making sure that everything is ready and you are comfortable with your bike, you will leave the capital of Laconia and head to the great Byzantine city of Mystras, the “Wonder of Morea” as it is said. Mystras which is the second Castle town of Laconia after Monemvassia that stands in a beautiful total green landscape on the top of a 260m hill overlooking Sparta just 6 km northwest. The settlement was formed during the times of crusaders’ invasion to the Byzantine land of Peloponnese and just the year 1962 it came under the Byzantine control. 

Breathtaking medieval ruins, Byzantine churches, partially preserved mosaics, monasteries and palaces while wandering through the narrow streets will surely impress you. Bear in mind that if you wish to explore completely this corner of magnificent Laconia you will need 2 to 3 hours. 

You continue cycling southern among orangeries and olive groves before you arrive to Gythio, a small seaside fish town with a picturesque port full of traditional fish taverns. The inhabitants who are in majority fishermen provide on daily basis these taverns with fresh fish so you can taste it straight from the sea, by the dock. North of the town, on the foot of the cliff, the ancient theaterstands where cultural events take place while south in Kranai island you can face the endless deep blue sea from the marble octagon lighthouse built in 1872. According to Homer and Pausanias, Paris and Helen spent the night in Kranai Island before their journey to Troy. Small fishing boats and three-storey neo-classic buildings dominate the place giving a multicultural and Aegean glamour to it. Overnight at Gythio.

DAY 3:  BEACH TOUR – GYTHIO (39.1 km/+590m/-590m)

This day is dedicated to the marvelous beaches that surround Gythio. You roll southerly to Mavrovouni, Vathi, Kamares and Skoutari beach and do not hesitate to dive in the crystal water of the Laconian Bay or just sunbathe on virgin pebbly beaches. Just pick the beach that you like the most and make a stop! Alternatively, if you prefer not to cycle a lot, you can spend the whole day on the beautiful beach of Mavrovouni where you can find taverns, beach bars, watersports etc. and relax by the sea. Overnight at Gytheio.

DAY 4:  GYTHEIO - ELIA         ( 38.4 km / +287 m)

Today you leave Gythio and cycle by the sea heading east to Elia, passing by traditional settlements such as Asteri and wandering through the fertile Laconian land which is filled with orangeries and olive groves. 
Elia is a small fish village known for the deep blue coasts, the incomparable natural beauty and the unique sunset for the romantic at heart. At the small picturesque port you can see scattered fish boats and the local fishermen returning from a fishing day. A visit to the Byzantine tower located on top of the cliff is suggested as the view from up there is ecstatic! Overnight at Elia.

DAY 5:  ELIA – NEAPOLI (51 km +708 m / -707 m)

After a good breakfast you step on your bike and keep cycle southerly to Neapoli. On your way along the country road, you roll through villages and diverse crops experiencing a unique tour. For those who are more fit, alternatively they can choose to ride along an almost undiscovered part of a unique coastal beauty for 10 km! It is a demanding route with an average difficulty but you will be fully satisfied by the experience as you will roll right by the amazing deep blue of Laconian Bay feeling the smooth touch of Greek sun on your face. Neapoli or Vatica is the extreme of continental Europe. It is a town with great nautical tradition and an island aura as white traditional buildings dominate the place.

Its long tree-lined strip of land at the seafront is full of taverns, cafes and bars where you can stop and take a break after biking. Apart from that, Neapoli is the base for sightseeing in the vicinity. Maybe one of the most impressive monuments is the Petrified Forest of Agia Marina, approx. 15 km east of Neapoli, between Agios Nikolaos and Cape Malea. Right by the sea you can literally explore a forest of palm trees turned to stone due to a rather rare natural process and numerous fossilized seashells. If you would like to visit it, you could either ride or go by taxi. Overnight at Neapoli.

DAY 6:  NEAPOLI - ELAFONISOS ISL. – NEAPOLI (57.3 km /+304 m / -304 m)

Today you will bike up to the small port of Pounta from where you take the ferry and after a few minutes you arrive in Elafonisos, a small island of 19sqm and total perimeter 31km with few inhabitants situated just opposite Neapoli. A top destination in Peloponnese, a real gem of South Greece, with the most beautiful sandy beach (Simos Beach) in the Mediterranean Sea as many people believe! On arriving at the port of Elafonisos, the first thing you see is the picturesque church of Saint Spyridon and you can smell the freshly made traditional food in the taverns nearby where you can always find fresh sea food thanks to local fish boats. You can cycle through the island, swim, or relax on the lace sandy beach. It is a real heaven on Earth! Opposite Elafonisos on the bottom of the sea, the ancient submerged settlement of Pavlopetri, the oldest sunken city of the world,lays.The most courageous people dive to see the ruins of the proto-Hellenic civilization discovered in 1968. Return back and overnight Neapoli.

DAY 7A:  NEAPOLI – MONEMVASSIA (27.3 km +427 m / -392 m)

In the morning, you start your today’s ride. You will take the new coastal road from Neapoli to Monemvasia which is a wonderful route through dense vegetation and amazing view along your way before you reach the highlight of this trip, the Castle-town of Monemvasia. 

Optionally (Day 7B), if you are fit and confident enough you could try riding your bike to reach to the top of Kryovrisi, at an altitude of 600m., although this might be demanding for the most. From Kryovrisi, you start a wonderful downhill route through beautiful vegetation and breathtaking view along your way before you reach the unique Castle-town of Monemvasia.  It is time to explore the final touch on the portrait of Laconia, the cross-road of civilizations through centuries, as Byzantines, Franks, Venetians and Ottomans have left marks of their domination on the rock. Even though cars and bikes are not allowed inside the castle-town, a tour on foot is absolutely necessary. Once you enter the castle through the unique entrance, you will be impressed by the walls, the old mansions, the narrow cobblestone alleys, the churches, old short arches and marble imperial thrones. An image of the setting sun while almost kissing the endless blue sea will ideally close your day. Overnight at Monemvasia.


After a good breakfast, you will take you luggage, and get ready for the transfer back to the airport. If you wish, you can add some more activities in this trip, like a guided tour to the Acropolis of Athens or just stay a couple of days in Athens. In addition, you can check the rest of our programs and combine another one if you are interested such as our Archaeology Tour of Greece or spend some days relaxing at a sea-side destination.

Laconia Coastal Biking Tour

Cycle along the magnificent Laconian Coastline




8 days

Item Title

Day 1: Arrival -Kalamata

You arrive at the airport and by bus you arrive at Kalamata! Alternatively and under request, we can arrange the transfer for you. Kalamata is a big city built just in the heart of Messinian Bay on the foot of Kalathi Mountain and offers everything you want; a big beach just in front of the coastal road, big market, unique nightlife, water front beach bars, traditional fish taverns and modern restaurants. You can relax on the long beach, visit the Frank Castle on top of the Mountain with a breathtaking view of the whole city or just wander around the historical center. Available time will not seem enough to enjoy this beautiful city! Overnight in Kalamata.

Day 2:  Kalamata – Petalidi (40Km/ +341m.)

In the morning, you get your bikes and equipment at the hotel. After making sure that everything is ready, you can start pedaling towards Petalidi, a small seaside village with a sympathetic central square and a golden sandy beach! On the first half of the way, you will bike along the coast next to the endless Greek beaches. Make a stop anywhere you prefer, swim, sunbath or enjoy a cold drink to a beach bar! On the second half of today’s route you leave the coast and you cycle through vast olive groves and flowers crossing small rivers. Overnight in Petalidi.

Day 3: Polylimnio (50Km/ +611m.)

Today you will follow a circular route and passing by Polylimnio, you return back to Petalidi. One of the highlights of this tour, Polylimio is a heaven on earth! It is a magical place hidden in the mountains where the small river forms small lakes with hazel water. The 25 meter waterfall and the green colors around make the scenery idyllic! Don’t forget to wear you swimsuit and relax in the big lake with the waterfall or dive from the rocks! Keep in mind though, that you are in a river and the water is relatively cold. In the end, you can enjoy the Greek food in the taverns in Charavgi village located nearby.
 The route has some ups and downs but the result will definitely compensate you. For the lazy ones, there is always the option to relax by the deep blue sea and spend your day in a magnificent beach around Petalidi. Overnight in Petalidi.

Day 4: Petaldi – Koroni – Finikounda (40Km/+523m.)

You leave Petalidi and following the coastal road you arrive in Koroni. Koroni is one of the most beautiful settlements and has plenty of cafes, bars and taverns in front of the small dock where you can make a stop and taste the local specialties.  The town was very important from the 13th up to the 17th century. The medieval castle dominates the area. Big battles took place here as the location was ideal for the Francs and the Venetians for commercial and military reasons. Later, in 1500 AC, the Ottomans took over the city but the Venetians were still fighting for it. It was set free finally in 1828 by the French and today is a quiet and peaceful town of 1300 habitants.
Continuing your ride, you follow the brilliant route through the mountains. You will have to pedal hard uphill but then the downhill easy part will relax your muscles. You arrive in Finikounda, well known for the fantastic sandy beach! Enjoy your time there and swim in the blue sea.  Walk in the lovely promenade of the village with the touristic stores and try the world known Greek cuisine in the taverns. Overnight in Finikounda.

Day 5: Finikounda – Methoni – Pylos (33 Km/+625m.)

Today, you leave Finikounda and taking the mainland road you arrive in Methoni. The medieval castle of Methoni is brilliant and you should definitely visit it. It was constructed in 1209 AC by the Venetians and is well preserved even today. One of the most important castles of Greece it met a lot of battles, exactly like Koroni’s castle did, in the past of time. Just outside the castle and on the beach you will find one of the most beautiful taverns of Peloponnese. Take your lunch in front of the waves and try the local wine, it is definitely worth it. 
You continue biking towards Pylos. You can take the coastal road or the one through the mountains; it’s up to you. Pylos is the third important historical town of the area together with Koroni and Methoni. It also has a big medieval castle that you should visit.  Walk around the town and have a coffee in the main square. Gaze the Navarino Bay where the huge and very important sea battle took place in 1827. The Russians, French and English destroyed the Ottoman and Egyptian ships to set Greece free! There was never before so big destruction of a fleet in history as the French admiral De Rigny quoted after the battle! Overnight in Pylos.

Day 6: Pylos – Filiatra (34km/ +355m.)

Leaving Pylos, you cycle on a flat coastal road up to Lagouvardos, a small area just outside Filiatra town. Filiatra is a sympathetic small city where you can find anything you need and enjoy your coffee in the big main square.  On the way, you can pass by Voidokilia beach, one of the most pictured beaches of Greece as the beauty in unique. Just lie on the sand or dive in the transparent sky blue waters! If this will not be enough for you, Lagkouvardos beach is also tremendous. The lace sandy beach and the beach bar attract many visitors, locals and tourists. Overnight in Filiatra or Lagouvardos.

Day 7: Filiatra –Kyparissia - Kalo Nero (40Km/ + 372m.)

The last day of biking is easy enough again following the flat coastal road. You will cycle up to Kalo Nero, a small seaside settlement with a guess what; a lovely sandy beach!! Again, take your time, relax and take advantage of this last day of your trip! The beaches around Kalo Nero are the second most significant in Mediterranean Sea regarding the spawning of the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta. Therefore most definitely you see numerous sheltered nests around!  On the way you will pass by Kyparissia, a small yet beautiful town of approximately 6000 inhabitants. Don’t forget to visit the fascinating beach and have fun under the Greek sunshine. Overnight in Kalo Nero.

Day 8: Departure

After breakfast, you get ready for your way back to the airport! Of course, under request we can arrange to transfer you there. If you wish to stay a little bit longer in Greece you can add in this trip a couple of days in Athens, visiting the Acropolis and the Parthenon monument. In addition, you can check the rest of our programs which you can combine such as Archaeology tour of Greece, Multi-Activity Holidays or spend more days by a seaside destination!

Messinia Coastal Biking Tour

If you are a fun of biking, don't miss the Messinia Biking Tour!




8 days

Item Title


Transfer under request from the Athens airport to Palaia Epidaurus, which is a coastline town, whose main attraction is the theatre located nearby. Its closest beach is called Gialasi, with an extension of just 1 km. To get there it takes just a 10-minutes walk through a downhill. It is a picturesque beach, delimited by lush green pine trees. Palaia Epidaurus beach follows the general vibe of the place, which is mainly unspoiled and not very modified by civilisation along time. When you arrive, you will get your bikes and equipment at the hotel.
Overnight Palaia Epidaurus.

DAY 2: Palaia Epidaurus-Galatas (36.3 km +482 m / -471 m)

In the morning, you will begin the trip to Poros.The route will take you through mostly the coastal road as you cycle next to Saronic gulf. A cycling route where you can also see the peninsula of Methana with its two steep volcanic slopes. Methana is actually a volcano that emerged from the sea.You arrive at Galatas ,the sister- town of Poros, located only a few hundred meters from Poros island, and connected frequently by ferry boats which travel between Both towns.After disembarking at Poros.
The Poros Strait, and the seaside area of Galata with its pine, olive, and lemon groves surround the picturesque Poros town, where beautiful neoclassical buildings grace the seafront; it’s a place of great beauty! Poros town and the harbour area have been built on the hillside, opposite the shores of Troizinia.
The town’s picturesque alleys, Neorio,  and  Bourtzi Islet  are  some  of  the  must-visit  places  on  the  island. The clock tower of Poros is the island’s landmark, located on the hilltop, and surrounded by prickly pear trees and pine trees. This spot offers an amazing view of the harbour, the opposite shores of the Peloponnese, and the Lemon tree forest. The clock stands out, from whichever location you look at it; it is truly the town gem!
Overnight Poros.

DAY 3: POROS ROUND TOUR (20 km, +422 m / -422 m)

In the morning, you will begin the trip around Poros.Start your cycling by visiting the beaches at Mikro Neorio and Megalo Neorio, as well as the one at Limanaki tis Agapis (meaning ‘The Cove of Love’) with the crystal clear waters. Continue to the Russian Naval  Dockyard,  located 5km NW of the town and the harbour in a beautiful cove. The original structures included warehouses and bakeries built to provide for the needs of the Russian Fleet stationed there back in 1834.
Your cycling continues through the beautiful landscape to the ruins of the temple of Poseidon (520 BC) are to be found in Palatia location (5.5 km NE), between Vigla and Profitis Ilias area, in the north part of the island. The main temple was a rectangular peripteros construction (i.e. there was a perimeter of six and twelve columns).
You can see the foundations of this temple, the stoas [porticos] of the agora and the Vouleftirion (the parliament building). The temple forms an isosceles triangle with the temples of Aphaia on Aegina Island and that of Poseidon in Cape Sounio.
Overnight Poros.

DAY 4: POROS-ERMIONI (41.3 km, +543 m / -546 m)
Today you leave Poros, taking the ferry back to Galatas.You start cycling from Galatas to Ermioni following the coastal road. On the way you pass by The Lemon Forest of Poros which is the only one in Greece. In May, the whole town of Poros is engulfed in the heavenly scent of lemon blossoms wafting across from the green lemon forest shores. The dense lemon and orange trees add an ethereal beauty and simplicity to the landscape.
Ambling through the Lemon Tree Forest, Lemonodassos in Greek is pure joy.Nested between the trees you find picturesque watermills that add scenic beauty to the whole place. There is also a wonderful waterfall inside the lemon tree forest area. Tourists who bicycle to see the old temple at Trizina travel through this enchanted lemon forest experiencing a wonderful feeling.
Then you arrive at Metochi,a small port where boat taxis depart for Hydra. You finally arrive at Ermioni, a beautiful seaside village constructed around the port and surrounded by lush greenery. Few pebbled beaches can be reached by foot from the port of Ermioni, but the most beautiful places to swim are found in short distance away.
Overnight Ermioni.

DAY 5: ERMIONI-KOILADA ROUND TOUR (52.3 km, +792 m / -792 m)
Today get ready for an amazing round tour from Ermioni. Fascinating images expect you today while cycling along with slight ups and downs. At 14.7km you can cycle straight to the main road so as to have the full route  which  includes  about 2.5km of dirt road. This route is not recommended for road bikers.
The other option is to turn left following the main road to rejoin the route at 29.6 km. The highlight of the day is Koilada, a picturesque and quiet village with some moorings in the areas nearby. The main activities in this village are still fishing, and boats repair. In fact, the shipyards of Kilada are among the few remaining places in Argolida prefecture where ships are built and repaired. The surrounding areas of Kilada offer unspoiled beauty. Other places of interest are the monastery of Zoodohos Pigi, the churches  of  Agios Demetrios, Agios Nikolaos, and Evangelistria.
Next destination is Kranidi ,the provincial capital of Ermioni, placed at its centre cape in the southern area of Argolis, Peloponnese. Its name is related to the word Kranaos, meaning rocky trough. In spite of having this role of capital, Kranidi is still is a traditional small town.
In fact, Kranidi dominates the interior plain of Ermionida, one of the three counties that form the prefecture of Argolida. It is built on a hill, with the port of Kilada village below, which is also very picturesque. There are still some remains from that period. The houses are finely elaborated, with iron ornamentation on their balconies, while the churches constitute  another  remain  in these terms. The streets are still narrow and cobbled; these facts also contribute to the particular charm of Kranidi.
Overnight Ermioni.

DAY 6: ERMIONI-PORTO HELI-KOSTA (35.5 km, +380 m / – 380 m)

Today, you’ll be riding through the beautiful coastal road to Porto Heli.On the way you pass by organized and remote beaches, with soft sand and clean water.
Porto Heli is a cosmopolitan port village on the eastern side of Peloponnese. Originally a secluded fishing village, the place started to gradually develop in the 1970s when Athenians built summer houses there and many rich men bought plots of land.
Many visitors also come with their private yachts and moor at the large marina of the town.Then you cycle back to Kosta,a small port on the Southern tip of the Ermionida region which offers the main sea crossing point to the Argo- Saronic Island of Spetses .You take the ferry to Spetses.
Overnight Spetses.

DAY 7: SPETSES ROUNDTOUR (25 km, +599 m / -598 m)

The  island of Spetses is mostly known  for its elegant atmosphere, as it is full  of impressive mansions, as well as the car ban that keeps its atmosphere calm. On the island you will find a yacht marina, boutique hotels and sophisticated restaurants, as well as secluded beaches with turquoise waters.
The last biking day of your journey can be converted to a nice full-day excursion, combining cycling with some stops for swimming. An important fact is the lack of vehicles, which are strictly prohibited on the island.
Bicycles,scooters and horse-drawn carts, are the main transport. The total journey is 25 km long and the highest point of the road is nearly 150 m from the sea level.The road is good (asphalt), without cars and steep uphills.
Overnight Spetses


After a good breakfast, you will take you luggage and get ready for your way back to Athens.

Spetses,Poros & the Argosaronic Coastal Biking Tour in Greece

This is a fascinating coastal bike trip in the Argosaronic gulf & islands


€960 p.p


8 days

Interested in a cycling tour in Peloponnese?

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