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Alkioni Camping




Camping Alkioni offers an ideal getaway just 50 minutes away from Athens, providing a tranquil retreat surrounded by stunning natural scenery. Nestled in a picturesque environment, the campsite creates a rejuvenating atmosphere for tourists seeking both relaxation and adventure in Greece.It is designed as a haven for total relaxation, allowing tourists to escape the stresses of everyday life and immerse themselves in the peaceful ambiance of the natural surroundings while exploring the Peloponnesian Peninsula.

The campsite caters to diverse preferences of tourists in Greece. Its convenient location, just 50 minutes from Athens, makes it an accessible choice for those looking for a quick and easy visit, ideal for a weekend getaway or a short vacation to tour the cultural and historical attractions of the Peloponnese. It provides various facilities, including camping pitches, cabins, or bungalows, along with communal spaces for socializing and organized activities, enhancing the overall holiday experience for tourists exploring the beauty of Greece.

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