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Ancient Gortys



Destination type:

Archaeological site


Ancient Gortys was an ancient city located in the heart of Arcadia, a region known for its rich mythology. The city flourished during the Classical period and was an important center of culture and religion. The archaeological site is located outside the village of Atsilochos, in Mountainous Arcadia.

Temple Complex: The archaeological site of Ancient Gortys includes the remains of temples and a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius. These temples were connected to the religious life of the city and served as focal points for ceremonies and rituals. The city had also large thermal baths and the bath therapy was also directly connected to the cult of Asclepius.

Fortifications:Like many ancient Greek cities, Gortys was fortified with walls and defensive structures to protect it from invaders. The remains of these fortifications can still be seen at the archaeological site.

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