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International dance festival




mid June

Established in the spring of 1995, the International Dance Festival has transformed into a magnetic destination for dance enthusiasts. This beacon of creativity draws a diverse audience each summer, turning the festival into an essential stop on the itinerary for those on holiday.

Dance Extravaganza: This dynamic event transforms the stage into a canvas, displaying the vibrant tapestry of contemporary dance, making it a must-see during your holiday trip.

Global Creators: Step into a realm where influential creators shape the narrative of dance history, crafting a dynamic experience for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers on their dance-themed tour.

Educational Oasis: Beyond performances, the festival serves as an educational hub, offering workshops for those eager to delve deeper into the world of dance, providing an enriching aspect to your cultural holiday.

Summer Spectacle: Picture yourself in a summer paradise where every step is a dance, inviting tourists to join the celebration in a cultural haven during their holiday tour.

Immersive Experience: Whether a dancer, art enthusiast, or curious traveler, the International Dance Festival promises an immersive journey where movement becomes a captivating language, adding a unique flair to your holiday experience.
Celebrating two decades of artistic excellence, this festival stands as a testament to the profound power of dance. Make it a highlight of your travel itinerary, and let the enchanting magic of movement become a cherished memory of your touristic adventure.

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