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Back in 2009 Christos Panagiotopoulos, ended up by a game of destiny to interfere with tourism. Born and raised in Tripoli at the center of Peloponnese, outdoor activity specialist and nature lover, left his job as an mining engineer to take over his family's hotel as the manager. The hotel was initialy constructed as apartments to be sold but due to the Greek financial crisis sales turned out to be impossible. Eventualy the building was transformed to a hotel in an effort to save the day.


Transforming this bad timing to opportunity, Christos was determined to succeed. He signed up to get his Masters in Tourism Management degree and at the same time initiated a parralel business as a tour operator to attract visitors to the hotel. With expert knowledge of the area,  he created tours and holidays in Arcadia and eventually all around Peloponnese.


14 years later, Discover Peloponnese, a tourism portal about Peloponnese and Arcas Travel Services, the tour operations department based in Tripoli,  have expanded all around  Greece while our team consists of more than 15 travel specialists and guides.  We have been established as one of the biggest travel specialists in Peloponnese and Greece, offering excellent quality services. We are specilazed in Responsible Travel, pure Greek experiences, outdoor activities, cuctomized tours and more.

In 2016, we organized the Peloponnesian Challenge, a prototype race where Christos with his sailing boat and crew competed against 6 cyclists to the round of Peloponnese,

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