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Horse Riding

Peloponnese, offers a unique and enchanting experience for horse riding enthusiasts. This picturesque region in southern Greece provides a perfect blend of historical sites, lush greenery, and coastal beauty, making it an ideal destination for riders of all levels.

One notable location for horse riding in Peloponnese is the historic city of Nafplio. Nestled against the backdrop of ancient ruins and Venetian architecture, Nafplio provides a charming setting for riders to explore both the city's cobblestone streets and the surrounding countryside.

For those seeking a coastal adventure, the beaches of Kalamata are a must-visit. Riding along the sandy shores of the Messinian Gulf, with the sound of the waves in the background, creates a truly magical experience. The coastal trails offer a unique perspective of the region, combining the beauty of the sea with the tranquility of the countryside.

In the heart of Peloponnese lies the mountainous region of Arcadia, where riders can embark on trails that wind through ancient forests and traditional villages. The Arcadian landscape, with its olive groves and scenic vistas, provides a serene backdrop for horse riding excursions.

For a more immersive equestrian experience, consider visiting one of the many local stables and equestrian centers scattered throughout Peloponnese. These establishments often cater to riders of all skill levels, offering guided tours, lessons, and well-trained horses to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Nafplio:  Nafplio Horse Riding Club

  •  Kalamata:  Kalamata Horse Riding Club 

  • Arcadia Region:  Riding Experience in Dimitsana 

  • Vytina Horse Riding 

  • Center Pylos:  Navarino Equestrian Club 

  • Messenia:  Messinia Horse Riding Center 

  • Mani Peninsula:  Exo Hora Horse Riding 

  • Corinthia Region:  Loutraki Horse Riding Club 

  • Achaia Region:  Kalavryta Horse Riding Club

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