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Kite Surfing

For the lovers of kite surfing and wind surfing, Peloponnese is absolutely a holiday destination where you can enjoy your favorite sports. With a long coastline and with the thermal wind building up every afternoon in the summer, there are several spots that are ideal to spend your kite surfing holidays. As Peloponnese can be crowded of swimmers during the summer times almost at every beach it is important that you are well aware of the best spots so you can enjoy kite surfing or wind surfing with safety. In Spring or Autumn though, most of the beaches are empty so surfers can practically enjoy the sea everywhere.

Weather conditions in Peloponnese are great for kite surfing/wind surfing. The waters in the sea of Peloponnese are relatively flat and the waves are usually up to 1m height. This makes the region perfect for beginners or for the experienced ones. The thermal wind typically is in the range of 18-25 knots and stormy conditions are very rare.

Surf and kite surf equipment for rent is only available in Romanos beach and Kalamata and the next option is from Athens. Lessons are available only with a pre-booked appointment.

You can find many kite and wind surfing spots in Peloponnese where you can enjoy your holidays. Some of them are the following:

  • Rio-Achaia

  • Agios Andreas-Arcadia

  • Nea Kios

  • Mavrovouni beach –Gytheio

  • West beach – Kalamata

  • Romanos beach – Messinia

  • Pylos

  • Methoni/Finikounda only for the winter months

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