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Peloponnese is one of the best places for sailing on earth! The conditions are more than ideal and the long coastline guarantees unforgettable vacation by boat. For dinghy sailing or for big sailing boats, Peloponnese is the place to sail. Surrounded by the Aegean Sea in the east and the Ionian Sea in the west, Peloponnese calls you to experience the Greek blue waters. Dolphins jumping next to your boat can add up a lot on the experience and the amazing beaches that you will visit will give birth to the best memories.

The Greek sea is very friendly and manageable, without predators and without tides. It is protected from the huge waves of the oceans and also from the strong winds of the Aegean when at the same time the temperature is perfect almost all year long. All the above make Peloponnese a perfect sailing spot for rookies or for experienced skippers.

During July and August, most of the ports are packed and you might face difficulties finding a place to dock if you arrive later in the afternoon. Of course there are many small gulfs around to overnight in anchor.

In Peloponnese you can enjoy a weekly sailing holiday and perhaps include some of the nearby islands like Hydra and Spetses but you can also enjoy day or half-day trips which are suitable for almost everyone if you want to just add a sailing experience in your holidays.

Sailing boat rental

There are several places to rent a sailing boat for a weekly holiday. Patra is a large base where many sailing boat rental companies are located but Peloponnese is pretty accessible from Athens or Sounio base as well. Have in mind that most companies do not accept sailing boat rental for less than a week and will ask for the full weekly fee to be paid. You can easily find monohulls or catamarans, modern or older boats and with the numbers of cabins/WC you wish. Professional skippers are also available and they are strongly recommended if you and your company are not experienced sailors. In addition, sailing boat rental prices are much higher during the July and August (high season). The best time to sail in Peloponnese and in Greece in general is Spring and Autumn when all places are less crowded and the sailing boat rental much cheaper.

For day or half-day sailing tours, there are many locations around Peloponnese where you can find them. Nafplio and Kalamata are just some of them. Normally, these day tours take 5-6 hours and include lunch or snacks, stop for swimming in a lovely place and a typical lesson of the sailing basics if you are interested. Sailing day tours in Peloponnese are organized from around middle April until end of October. In winter the demand is very low and the skippers work on the boat maintenance.

Contact us and we will gladly find the ideal sailing boat and organize for you a fantastic sailing tour, daily or weekly in Peloponnese or even in the Greek islands.

Weather and wind conditions

The weather at the coastline all around Peloponnese is pretty much similar. During the summer, thus June, July and August it is hot but the breeze and the sea coolness makes the sailing very pleasant. Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are absolutely necessary though. The perfect temperatures for sailing are during Spring and Autumn. Then during the winter it can get relatively cold but with the proper sailing outfit the conditions can be very enjoyable. The possibility of rain is very low and the possibility of snow is close to zero even in winter.

During the summer months, the dream of every sailor comes true as the thermal breeze builds up almost every day with appointment at around 2 o clock and lasts until the sun starts going down. Typically it is perfect at 12-20 knots making Peloponnese a sailing paradise for beginners or more experienced. Storms are very rare except the winter time and of course the summer “bourini” can be savage but lasts only 10-20 minutes before or after the rain. Another local wind condition that appears to Greece is the strong wind of the “Meletemi”. This is a very strong north wind in the Aegean Sea typically only in August. This can be a trap for those who ignore it as it can very easily transform you summer sailing holidays in the Greek islands into an adventure. Most places of Peloponnese are protected by the Meltemi but still those days it might be more windy.

Sailing areas around Peloponnese

Peloponnese is a large destination and has many areas where you can sail. Its coastline forms several gulfs all around it, which plays a significant role to the local conditions for sailing. Perhaps the best area is the Argolic gulf, which maintains perfect conditions all year long. It is protected by the strong winds of the Aegean, the waves are relatively small and it offers so many beautiful places to visit. It can be combined with visit to glamorous islands of Spetses, Hydra and Poros and even create a weekly program adding the Saronic gulf islands just outside Athens.

The gulfs of Messinia and Laconia in the south Peloponnese are also great for sailing. Again these areas are protected by the strong winds and big waves and can give you’re the opportunity to combine visits in the magnificent seaside destinations of Messinia and Laconia province.

The north coast of Peloponnese is also an area where you will see many sailing boats. It connects Patra with Athens passing through the Corinth Canal, an amazing experience that is strongly recommended! The winds in the Corinthian gulf can be stronger especially when getting close to the bridge of Rio-Antirio where Peloponnese and the mainland form a narrow passage for the wind. However, there are amazing seaside destinations to visit along the coast that absolutely makes this trip worth.

Seaside destinations in Peloponnese

Peloponnese is full of amazing seaside destinations that are accessible by sailing boat. Most of them have small ports while others are in formed gulfs where you can overnight in anchor safely and access the place with your dinghy. Here is a list of some of the greatest places you should visit during your sailing holidays in Peloponnese:

· the picturesque Nafplio with its island fort “Bourtzi”

· Tolo  located in a very well protected for boats gulf

·  the sweet Paralio Astros

· the famous medieval town of Monemvassia

· the fishermen’s town Gyhtheio

· Kalamata, the capital of Messinia

· Pylos with the medieval castle

· Katakolo, to take a tour in ancient Olympia

· Patra, the biggest city in Peloponnese

· Trizonia islands, a safe place to overnight onboard and so picturesque to explore

· cross the Corinth Canal, an unforgettable experience

· the glamorous islands of Poros, Hydra and Spetses

Interested in activities in Peloponnese?

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