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As Peloponnese is covered in its two thirds by mountains, it is not a surprise that ski and snowboarding is an option too for your winter holidays. The mountain picks are above 2300m of altitude and the three ski centers of Peloponnese offer a magnificent winter landscape as you will ski in the Greek fir forest. The ski season typically begins around Christmas and ends at the end of March. Your ski holiday should absolutely be combined if possible with some stays in the picturesque mountainous traditional settlements of the area to get the full experience. The food in the local taverns is exceptional with the local meat, cheese and wine to add even more.

The best time to ski or snowboard in Peloponnese is a couple of weeks after the first snow to avoid the rocks in the slopes and then again it is recommended to avoid the end of the season because the snow is semi-melted. In the weekends or any celebration days it is more crowded but if you have the opportunity to visit any of the ski centers any other day of the week it is guaranteed that you will ski in an almost private ski center and enjoy the most. The temperature in the mountain is typically -10 °C up to 0 °C but in March in can be significantly higher. Apart of that, Greece is a windy country so it is strongly recommended to be equipped with appropriate clothes.

All three ski centers offer a chalet where you can enjoy hot drinks and snacks, ski and snowboard equipment rental and also ski and snowboard lessons. Note that for your approach to the ski centers it is mandatory to have winter chains in your car but winter tires are not necessary.

Kalavyta Ski Center

Kalavryta Ski Center is the biggest ski center of Peloponnese and the second biggest in Greece. It is one of the best places to ski in Greece and attracts people from all around the country. It is located on the slopes of Chelmos mountain near Kalavyta and its highest pick is at 2340m when the base is at 1700m.

Kalavryta Ski Center offers 7 ski lifts, 12 ski pistes and a ski area of 12 kilometers. It is ideal for beginners and experienced skiers or snowboarders. There are two chalets, one next to the parking lot and the second is higher to offer services to the skiers. The view is breathtaking from the highest slopes as visitors can see the whole Corinth gulf and even Parnassos mountain in the north in the mainland. Even if you don’t want to ski, you can always take the lift only for a ride to reach the higher base of the ski center and enjoy the mountain.

There are plenty of hotels or rooms to let all around the area and mainly in Kalavryta. As expected the area is also full of excellent taverns with local delicacies and cafes. In addition, the Kalavryta area offer so many things to do such take a guided tour to the Lake Caves, visit the Agia Lavra momastery or taste the fresh trout at the fish farms of the village Planitero.

Menalo Ski Center

Menalo Ski Center is the second biggest in Peloponnese and it is located very close to Tripoli, at the slopes of Mountain Menalo. It is a small ski center with a local character but undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in whole Greece. The landscape is beautiful as the ski center is built in the green fir forest. Here you will be able to ski through the trees and enjoy the natural beauty at its best. The highest pick is at 1860m and the base at 1500m. The area is very protected by the Greek winds and the ski center very rarely is closed due to the winter conditions. Because of its lower altitude, the ski season of Mainalo mountain is slightly shorter that

The highest slopes are generally steep and recommended for the experienced skiers and snowboarders. However, the base piste is very wide making the place perfect for someone who wants to take the first steps in skiing or snowboarding. The Menalo ski center has 3 lifts and 7 pistes and although the total ski area length is about 7km, the beauty of the place will surely reimburse your visit.

The location is great for winter holidays and there are so many attractions to visit. The amazing Kapsia Caves, the Kalogris winery, and the unique traditional settlements or Vytina, Dimitsana, and Levidi are some of the places you don’t want to miss. These towns offer a big variety of accommodation with traditional guesthouses and small family hotels to be a great choice. Tripoli, as the capital of Arcadia and only 25mins drive from the ski center is also a choice. Finally, for those who seek for an even deeper experience, the shelter of Greek Hiking Club of Tripoli is located only 300m from the ski center, is very well organized and offers accommodation very similar to a hostel with multiple-bed rooms and shared WC.

Ziria Ski Center

The Ziria Ski Center is smallest Ski Center of Peloponnese and Greece and actually is consisted from just one lift on a small slope. It is only suitable for beginners and offers a great opportunity to the visitors to try their first steps in skiing and snowboarding. While it will not be considered as an actual ski center by any experienced skier and snowboarder, it is an excellent attraction for a visit to the area and enjoy hot drinks and snacks at the local chalet.

Ziria(or Kyllini) is the second highest mountain of Peloponnese with an altitude of 2374m. The mountainous winter landscape is stunning and the Trikala village is one of the top winter destinations for the locals. You will easily find plenty of guesthouses to overnight and amazing local taverns to taste the Greek delicacies.

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