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Castle View Camping




Castle View Camping awaits just a short walk from the Byzantine archaeological wonders of Mystras.
Situated within a brief stroll of the Byzantine archaeological site, Castle View Camping offers a gateway to the historical marvels of Mystras. As you wander through this UNESCO World Heritage site, the echoes of the past become part of your present experience.

Conveniently positioned 250 kilometers from Athens, approximately 6 kilometers from the heart of Sparta, and just 1 kilometer from old Mystras, Castle View places you at the crossroads of history and natural beauty. The camping site is a mere 500 meters from the charming village of new Mystras, ensuring accessibility to local life and culture.

New Mystras, a traditional village with a history spanning more than 20 centuries, invites you to wander its cobblestone streets. Take a leisurely stroll, and pause at one of the many cafes for a cup of Greek coffee or an ouzo, savoring the authentic flavors of local life.

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