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Isthmia Beach Camping




ISTHMIA BEACH camping site is strategically positioned halfway between Athens and Patra, near the Corinth Canal, making it easily accessible for travelers exploring the coastal and historical attractions in the region. Found in one of the most picturesque coastal areas, the camping site offers a 400 m.-long beach, creating a scenic and relaxing environment for visitors.

Serving as an ideal base, the camping site allows easy exploration of significant archaeological and cultural sites in Korinthia, Argolis, and Attica. It also provides opportunities for island cruises in the Saronic Gulf.
With a total area of 25,000 square meters on two levels, the camping site provides various facilities. Camping positions on grass or earth, separated by shrub bushes, offer a comfortable stay. The site also offers sports activities, seaside recreation, and organized tourist tours.

Visitors can conveniently rent a car or motorbike, providing flexibility for travel and exploration in the surrounding areas. Located on the 5th kilometer of the Canal-Epidavros highway, the camping site ensures easy and convenient access for travelers using road transportation.

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