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Nicolas II


Archaia Epidaurus


Camping Nicolas II presents a picturesque setting for your outdoor escape. Wake up to the soothing sound of waves and the gentle sea breeze, creating the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and enjoyable stay.
The campsite is well-equipped with essential amenities to enhance your experience. From a chemical toilet and washers to coolers and a mini-market, we strive to provide everything you need for a convenient and comfortable stay. Enjoy delicious meals at our on-site restaurant or unwind at the cafe with wireless internet access.
Experience the beauty of shaded areas throughout the campsite, creating a pleasant environment for relaxation. The ground is free of stones, ensuring a comfortable space for your tents and camping gear. Our commitment to cleanliness means the campsite is tidied daily, offering a fresh and welcoming atmosphere.

With a net pebble beach and a sea suitable for children, Camping Nicolas II is an ideal destination for families. The gradual configuration in levels adds to the charm, providing scenic views and a sense of tranquility. The beach is a mere 2.5 kilometers from the center, allowing easy access to both natural wonders and local amenities.

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