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Tyros, Agios Christoforos


Discover Zaritsi Camping, located in the Southeastern Peloponnese, in the tranquility of Tyros, Arcadia, and elevate your holiday experience with the perfect blend of comfort, relaxation, and entertainment.

Family-Friendly Oasis:
Zaritsi Camping welcomes you and your family to a haven of serenity. Escape the hustle and bustle, and embrace a peaceful environment tailored for families seeking quality time together.

Accommodations for Every Taste:
Choose from our spacious pitches, artfully shaded by nature or with the convenience of artificial shade. Whether you're camping under the stars, traveling with a caravan, or in a motorhome, we cater to your every need.

Exciting Events for All Ages:
Every year, Zaritsi Camping hosts unforgettable events designed for both kids and adults. From lively celebrations to enriching activities, there's always something special happening at our campsite.

Adventure Awaits:
Explore the ideal location for fishing, where the bounty of the sea awaits your discovery. Embark on scenic hikes that reveal the natural wonders of the surroundings. Find your perfect spot for relaxation, whether it's by the water's edge or under the shade of ancient trees.

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