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Doxa Lake



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Doxa Lake is a picturesque artificial lake located in the Corinthian Mountains in the Peloponnese region of Greece. It's situated at an altitude of about 900 meters and is surrounded by dense forests of fir trees, creating a stunning natural setting. The lake was created in the 1990s after the construction of a dam on the small Doxa River.

Enjoy Nature:Take in the stunning scenery of the lake and surrounding fir forests. The area is ideal for hiking, nature walks, and bird watching.
Rent a paddleboat or rowboat to explore the calm waters of the lake.
Pack a picnic and relax by the lakeshore. There are designated picnic areas with tables and benches.
Bring your fishing gear and try your luck catching trout in the lake

Visit Agios Fanourios Chapel: Walk or drive to the small chapel of Agios Fanourios located on a peninsula in the lake. It's a picturesque spot for photos and offers beautiful views of the surroundings.

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