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Ermioni: Your Idyllic Holiday Haven in Peloponnesian Riviera

Ermioni is a picturesque coastal gem at the eastern edge of the Peloponnesian Riviera. This charming fishing town will make your holiday dreams come true as you explore the quaint streets, savor the local flavors, and bask in the crystal-clear waters that surround this captivating destination.

A Tour Through Time

Let yourself discover Ermioni's history as you stroll through its ancient roots. The echoes of the Trojan War and the city's participation in pivotal battles create a captivating backdrop for your holiday explorations. Trace the footsteps of Dryopes, the ancient Greek tribe that founded Ermioni, and witness the remnants of a city that played a crucial role in the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War.

Festive Delights: Celebrate Your Trip with Traditions

Elevate your holiday experience with the vibrant traditions of Ermioni. Join the locals in the unique Epiphany celebration on January 6th, where sailors roam the streets, singing traditional songs and spreading joy. Feel the energy of Easter night with the burning of Judas, accompanied by music, dance, and fireworks. Indulge in the Feast of the Pomegranate, a delightful celebration of local flavors, and savor the renowned olive oil that graces this charming town.

Sightseeing Extravaganza: Touring Heritage Sites

Your holiday in Ermioni promises a visual feast of historic wonders. Explore the Venetian Castle of Thermisia, a testament to medieval grandeur, and marvel at the lagoon of Thermisia, a haven for rare migratory birds. Venture to the Frachthi Cave, a captivating archaeological site dating back to 40,000 BC, and let the town's heritage unfold before you.

Nature's Playground: Adventure Awaits on Your Tour

Ermioni invites you to embrace the great outdoors during your holiday escape. Discover scenic hiking trails leading to the Agia Kiriaki chapel, where panoramic views reward your efforts. Traverse the route to Milos, ending at the hill Krothi with the chapel of St. Gerasimos offering a tranquil retreat. Explore the family-friendly Katafyki Gorge, a natural wonder waiting to be uncovered.

Beach Bliss: Sun-Kissed Escapades

No holiday is complete without blissful moments by the sea. Ermioni unveils a series of sun-soaked beaches, each offering a unique charm. Wander through pine tree forests to discover the pebble beaches of Bisti, or unwind on the lively shores of Dardiza. Seek serenity at Sedoni beach, let the expansive Kouverta beach captivate you, and find your own haven at Petrothalassa beach.

Island Escapade: Day Trips and Nearby Charms

Ermioni extends its holiday offerings beyond its shores. Embark on a scenic trip from the harbor to the enchanting island of Hydra, a perfect day excursion for a taste of cosmopolitan allure. Explore Kranidi's neoclassical architecture, and don't miss the Byzantine monument of Agia Triada Pikrodafni between Ermioni and Kranidi.

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