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Finikouda: A Mesmerizing Tourist Odyssey

Finikouda, your gateway to an enchanting holiday where sun, surf, and history weave together to create an unforgettable journey. Located in the southwest of Peloponnese, Finikouda invites you to set off on a thrilling tourist adventure, offering pristine beaches, rich history, and a vibrant local culture.

Ancient Wonders:

Immerse yourself in the ancient allure of Finikouda, once known as "Finikous Lemen," a Phoenician port. Let your holiday unfold with visits to historic sites and archaeological wonders.

Transformation Tale:

Witness the metamorphosis of Finikouda from a quaint fishing village into a sought-after tourist destination. Explore a myriad of accommodation options, from hotels to charming apartments, and indulge in the local flair of restaurants, fish taverns, and cafes.

Surfer's Paradise:

Elevate your holiday experience by riding the waves in August when Finikouda transforms into a surfer's paradise, providing an exhilarating adventure for wave enthusiasts.

Messian Gastronomy:

Delight your taste buds with the bounty of Messinia, savoring exquisite olive oil, especially the renowned Koroneiki variety. Sample local olives, including the famous "Kalamon" variety, and explore the region's fine wines, grapes, raisins, figs, and honey.

Beach Bliss:

Golden Sands and Turquoise Waters: Kick off your holiday with the sun-kissed bliss of Finikouda Beach. Stretch out on the golden sands, bask in the Mediterranean sun, and relish the tranquility. Treat yourself to the freshest fish at nearby taverns, making every moment a celebration of your holiday.

Anemomilos Adventure:

Dive into the thrill of Anemomilos Beach, a Blue Flag-awarded haven for water sports enthusiasts. Feel the excitement of windsurfing and enjoy the organized amenities, adding an extra layer of joy to your holiday.

Methoni and Voidokilia Excursion:

Extend your holiday adventures to Methoni, exploring its beach near the castle. Venture 37km to Voidokilia Beach, a gem often hailed as one of Greece's finest. Lounge on the beach while soaking in the historical ambiance of Paleocastro ruins and the mystical "Nestor's Cave."

Zaga, Romanos, and Memi Beach Delights: Discover Zaga Beach, one of Messinia's longest, and Romanos Beach, offering a partly organized sandy experience. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Memi Beach surrounded by olive groves.

Explore Beyond the Shore:


Embark on a holiday exploration westward to Methoni, approximately 10km away. Wander through the medieval castle, admire well-preserved walls, and revel in the seaside charm of the "Bourtzi" fortress.

Picturesque Pylos:

Extend your tourist journey to Pylos, 20.7km away, where Niocastro fortress and the historic Palace of Nestor await exploration.

Koroni's Coastal Charm:

Head east, about 18.5km from Finikouda, to discover Koroni, a town with a Venetian castle, seaside fish taverns, and cafes along the harbor.

Polilimnio Oasis:

Unveil the natural beauty of Polilimnio, located 38.5km away. Traverse the path surrounded by trees, cross wooden bridges, and immerse yourself in the oasis of lakes and waterfalls. This unique swimming spot promises an unparalleled holiday experience.

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