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Geraki castle



Destination type:

Archaeological site


Geraki Castle is a medieval fortress located in the Laconia region of Greece. It is situated near the modern village of Geraki, which is approximately 20 kilometers northwest of the town of Sparti.

The castle is strategically positioned on a rocky hill overlooking the surrounding plain. It was built during the Byzantine period, likely in the 13th century, although some parts may date back even earlier. The castle played a significant role in the defense of the region, serving as a stronghold against various invaders, including the Franks, Venetians, and Ottomans.

Geraki Castle consists of fortified walls, towers, and other defensive structures typical of Byzantine castle architecture. Despite its strategic importance in the past, the castle fell into disuse and ruin over the centuries. However, efforts have been made to preserve and study the site in recent years, and it remains an important historical and cultural landmark in the Laconia region.

Today, visitors can explore the ruins of Geraki Castle and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

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