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Explore Kyparissia: A Journey Through Time and Tranquility

Welcome to Kyparissia, a hidden haven on the Peloponnesian coast. This vibrant town invites you to begin your holiday filled with history, culture, and seaside allure.

A Picturesque Setting:

Marvel at Kyparissia's amphitheatrical layout, gracefully cradling the Aigaleo mountain. As the sun sets over the Ionian Sea, witness a breathtaking panorama that inspired even the seasoned traveler, Georges Clemenceau.

Historic Treasures:

Roam the charming "lower city" with modern amenities before ascending to the "upper city," a living history exhibit boasting traditional houses, the iconic Castle of Arcadia, and the remnants of civilizations past.

Ancient Roots:

Feel the echoes of the Homeric Age as you explore a town that has preserved its name since antiquity. Uncover the legends – from cypresses that lent their name to the city to the poignant tale of Kyparissos and his transformation into a cypress.

Mythic Significance:

Immerse yourself in a city that once sent 11 ships to the Trojan War. Pay homage to deities like Apollo, Athena, and Dionysus, experiencing the strategic importance that has shaped Kyparissia's destiny.

Azure Escapes:

Relax on Ai Lagoudis Beach, draped in a coveted blue flag, offering sunbeds, cafes, and the melody of Ionian waves. Venture to hidden gems like Gianitsena, Kartelas, and the renowned Kalo Nero Beach for diverse coastal experiences.
Cultural Enclaves:

Enrich your journey by exploring the Folklore Museum and historic churches like Agia Triada and Agios Dimitrios in the old city.

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