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Loutra Killinis



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Loutra Killinis: Your Gateway to Greek Bliss

Loutra Killinis, where serenity meets the sea, offering a delightful blend of wellness, coastal charm, and ancient allure. Located in the Corinthian Gulf, this Greek gem invites you to start a journey of rejuvenation and exploration.

Thermal Baths Loutra Killinis: Wellness Oasis

Healing Sanctuary:

Combine your trip with the therapeutic embrace of Loutra Killinis, where renowned thermal springs await amidst a pine-tree adorned forest. The hydrotherapy center offers a range of treatments, including balneotherapy, inhalation therapy, and mud therapy, with the water temperature set at a blissful 26 degrees Celsius.

Echoes of History:

During your holiday, explore the ancient echoes of Loutra Killinis, once home to sanctuaries dedicated to Asclepius and Aphrodite. Wander amidst the remains of Roman baths and an outdoor amphitheater, connecting with the rich heritage of this rejuvenating retreat.

The Beach at Loutra Killinis: Coastal Paradise

Feel the soft embrace of sandy shores as the forest gracefully meets the sea. Loutra Killinis unveils its homonymic sandy beach, inviting you to dive into crystal-clear waters and unwind on the long, exotic stretch. Luxurious hotel complexes and upscale restaurants create a haven by the beach.What more to ask for an unforgettable holiday experience?

Water Adventures:

Indulge your sense of adventure with water sports, from thrilling surfing to leisurely yachting and jet skiing. Families will delight in the shallow waters, while organized beach amenities, including umbrellas and sunbeds, ensure a comfortable seaside experience. A vigilant lifeguard stands watch for your safety.

Castle of Chlemoutsi:

Embark on a historical journey to the Castle of Chlemoutsi, a Frankish fortress near Killini. Immerse yourself in the museum within the castle, showcasing priceless exhibits from the past.

Monasteries and Churches:

Explore the spiritual side of the region by visiting the monastery of Agias Eleousas, the byzantine church of Panagia Katholiki, and the renowned monastery of Vlacherna, each holding unique historical significance.

Ancient Wonders:

Journey to Ancient Elis (Ancient Ilida) and Ancient Olympia, where the Olympic Games once echoed through time. Marvel at the stadium, training facilities, and the chryselephantine statue of Zeus in the Olympia Museum.

Where to Stay: Your Greek Retreat

Choose Arkoudi for a serene stay with access to a peaceful beach, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Immerse yourself in the historical significance of Killini, with its variety of accommodation options and stunning sandy beaches.

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