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Archaeological site


Explore Megalopoli: A Journey Through Time and Nature

Megalopoli, meaning "Big City" in Greek, invites you on a captivating journey that seamlessly blends ancient history with breathtaking natural wonders. Let's uncover the treasures awaiting you in and around this remarkable destination:

1. Ancient Megalopoli:

Historical Marvels: Just 3km from Modern Megalopoli, the archaeological site of Ancient Megalopoli unfolds with an ancient theater, the Vouleftirion, and the remnants of city walls.
Majestic Theater: Stand in awe at the Ancient Theatre, the largest in ancient Greece, built around 370BC for cultural events and political gatherings.
Sacred Agora: Explore the Ancient Agora, home to sanctuaries like that of Zeus and an arcade honoring Philip II of Macedon.

2. Likeo Mountain - Ancient Likosura:

Mythical Landscape: Venture 30km to Likeo mountain, believed to be where Zeus was raised, offering panoramic views of Mainalo and Taygetos mountains.
Zeus's Sanctuary: Ascend to Ai-lias peak, where Zeus's sanctuary stood at 1400 meters, featuring the devotional altar and the enigmatic "abaton."
Historical Plateau: Discover the remains of the Stadium and Hippodrome at a lower level (1200 meters), witnessing the ancient athletic and musical games.

3. St. Theodora in Vasta:

Miracle of Nature: Visit Vasta village to witness the picturesque chapel of St. Theodora, a 12th-century marvel with 17 huge trees growing through its roof.
Nature's Enigma: Experience the unique phenomenon where trees are supported by the chapel's roof, and a small river below waters the magical grove.

4. Falesia:

Time-Traveling Settlement: Journey 17km to Falesia, a settlement adorned with ancient walls, Byzantine churches, monasteries, castles, and a captivating Folklore Museum.
Living History: Immerse yourself in the past as you explore the museum showcasing traditional clothing, agricultural tools, and household items from the 19th to mid-20th century.

5. Karitena Village:

Toledo of Greece: Located 18km northwest, Karitena charms with its medieval castle, built in the 13th century AD, serving as a haven during Venetian and Ottoman rule.
Architectural Marvel: Wander through cobbled alleys surrounded by stone houses, historical churches, and traditional cafes, experiencing the village's unique blend of history and nature.

6. Leontari Village:

Historic Hub: Head south to Leontari, once a significant settlement built on the ancient city of Lefktra, flourishing during Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman rule.
Byzantine Beauty: Admire the Byzantine temple of Agion Apostolon (14th AD) at the central square, showcasing marble iconostasis, stunning wall paintings, and a mosaic floor.

Tailored Exploration: Plan your adventure with these key locations, ensuring a rich experience that spans ancient history, natural wonders, and architectural marvels.

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