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Neda is a stunning river in the southwestern Peloponnese region of Greece, known for its natural beauty and historical significance.

Hiking and Nature: Neda is famous for its beautiful hiking trails that follow the river's course through lush forests, rocky canyons, and cascading waterfalls. The Neda Gorge hike is particularly popular, offering breathtaking scenery and opportunities for swimming in natural pools along the way. The hike typically takes several hours, so be sure to bring plenty of water, snacks, and sturdy hiking shoes.

River trekking and Canyoning: For the adventurous, consider participating in river trekking or canyoning excursions along the Neda River. These activities offer an adrenaline-filled experience as you navigate through the river's rapids and rocky terrain with the help of experienced guides.

Waterfalls and Pools: One of the highlights of Neda is the chance to swim in its crystal-clear waters and explore its scenic waterfalls and pools. The most famous waterfall is the Neda Waterfall, where you can take a refreshing dip in the pool below and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. There are also several smaller waterfalls and swimming spots along the river that are worth exploring.

Archaeological Sites: Near the river, you can find the ancient temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassae, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved Doric architecture and stunning mountain setting. Additionally, the nearby town of Kyparissia boasts a medieval castle and other ancient ruins worth visiting.

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