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Xilokastro: Your Perfect Holiday Escape

Xilokastro, a picturesque town in Peloponnese that seamlessly blends history, nature, and coastal charm. Join us on a curated trip, discovering the town's enchanting sights and relaxing beaches.

Historical Charms:

Xilokastro, meaning "wooden castle" in Greek, traces its roots to a wooden barrack built in 1260 during the Frankish era. Today, the town has evolved into a sought-after holiday destination. Explore historical sites like the Pefkia forest, a natural pine tree haven, and the charming church of Agios Blasios, the patron saint of Xilokastro.

Cultural Gems:

Delve into Xilokastro's rich cultural heritage at the villa of Aggelos Sikelianos, a famous Greek poet. Marvel at the Kiamil Bey Tower in Sikia village, a relic from 1750. Immerse yourself in local history at the Folklore Museum in Kamari or visit the archaeological site of Pellini for a glimpse into ancient settlements.

Sunny Beach Retreats:

Relax on Pefkia beach, the town's long pebble beach with crystal-clear waters, or venture to Sikia beach for its captivating beauty. Explore small coves along the eastern coast, surrounded by pine trees and eucalyptuses, creating idyllic spots for a leisurely holiday.

Nature's Wonders Beyond:

Embark on a scenic tour to the Gorge of Fonissa, one of Greece's most beautiful gorges, or discover rustic mountain villages like Korfiotissa, Ziria, and Trikalochoria, all within reach. For a tranquil seaside experience, follow the coast to Kiato and Vrachati, where peaceful family holidays await on pebble-covered shores.

Your Xilokastro holiday promises a perfect blend of history, nature, and coastal serenity—a trip designed for unforgettable moments. Book your tour now and let the adventure begin!

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