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"Spartathlon" race




last Friday of September

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary spectacle of Spartathlon, the world's most demanding ultra-marathon, as you plan your next holiday in Greece. Witness elite athletes conquer a 245.3-kilometer route from Athens to Sparta, retracing the legendary steps of Pheidippides.

Picture the race beginning at 7 am beneath the iconic Acropolis, winding through rugged tracks, lush vineyards, and ancient olive groves. Spectate as runners ascend the 1,200-meter-high Mountain Parthenio, showcasing incredible feats of strength and resilience.

Tailor your holiday to coincide with Spartathlon, capturing moments of triumph and determination along the route. Absorb the energy of this historic event and witness the grand finale at the statue of Leonidas in Sparta. Your journey becomes a front-row seat to history, blending the spirit of athleticism with the allure of Greece's timeless beauty. Spartathlon: an unforgettable experience that celebrates the indomitable human spirit in a setting of ancient marvels.

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