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Carnival in Patra




17th of January until beginning of March

The Patra Carnival, boasting over 180 years of history, is Greece's premier Carnival celebration, making it a must-visit for holidaymakers. Kicking off on 17 January, this vibrant tradition transforms the city into a floral, artistic, and satirical wonderland, offering an ideal backdrop for a unique holiday experience.

Festive Highlights:

Balls and Parades: Dive into the festive spirit with lively balls and captivating parades, creating an atmosphere perfect for holiday trips and tours.

Hidden Treasure Hunt: Embark on an adventurous treasure hunt, adding a touch of mystery to your holiday itinerary as you explore the city's hidden gems.

Sunday Groups’ Parade: Witness the grand spectacle of the Sunday groups’ parade, a highlight of the carnival with over 40,000 participants dancing through major streets, creating unforgettable moments for your holiday tour.

Burning of the Carnival King: Experience the symbolic climax with the burning of the carnival king at the city harbor, creating a dramatic and memorable conclusion to your holiday trip.

Touristic Appeal:

Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Greece during the Patra Carnival, offering an authentic experience for tourists on holiday.

Memorable Moments: From the hidden treasure hunt to the grand parade and the symbolic burning of the carnival king, each moment becomes a cherished memory, adding a touch of magic to your holiday tour.

Make the Patra Carnival a must of your holiday trip, and let the dynamic events and cultural richness enhance your touristic adventure in Greece.

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