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Epidaurus Theatre Summer Festival


Ancient theatre of Epidaurus


all summer

The Epidaurus Festival, a captivating cultural celebration spanning 60 summers, is a must-visit for holidaymakers seeking a unique vacation experience. This vibrant event, featuring renowned artists like Maria Kallas and Pavarotti, has become a summer hotspot, offering a perfect blend of entertainment and cultural richness.

Immerse yourself in a fusion of ancient drama and contemporary creativity at the core of the festival. Influential artists have breathed new life into age-old tales for six decades, creating a living showcase where past and present collide.

The festival also serves as a cultural bridge, connecting nations through collaborations like the Greek-Japanese co-production. Witness the power of artistic collaboration that transcends borders.

Picture yourself in the dynamic cultural celebration, surrounded by the ancient splendor of Epidaurus. Make the Epidaurus Festival a highlight of your holiday itinerary, where the allure of the ancient meets the excitement of the present, creating lasting memories.

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