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25th-28th August

Embark on a magical holiday adventure to the heart of Tsakonia with the Melijazz Festival, an enchanting celebration that seamlessly blends the region's unique culinary delights with a harmonious tapestry of Mediterranean musical sounds. Also known as the Festival of Tsakonia, this extraordinary event unfolds in the charming town of Leonidio, creating a perfect oasis for holidaymakers seeking a harmonious fusion of relaxation and cultural exploration.

Savor the essence of your holiday by indulging in the star of local cuisine—the Tsakoniki Melitzana (aubergine or eggplant). Let your taste buds revel in unprecedented sensations as expert chefs showcase the versatility of this culinary gem through a spectrum of delectable recipes.

Yet, Melijazz is not just a feast for the senses; it transforms Leonidio into a vibrant holiday hub of music and dance. Jazz, ethnic melodies, and Latin rhythms echo through the streets, infusing the air with a festive ambiance that elevates your holiday spirit. Delight in a broad Greek music repertoire, creating a soundtrack for your memorable holiday evenings.

Visualize leisurely strolls through the traditional and picturesque settlement of Leonidio, where every cobblestone whispers tales of bygone days. As the festival lights twinkle under the warm Mediterranean night sky, immerse yourself in the joyous holiday atmosphere of Melijazz—a celebration that stands as a hallmark of your vacation escape.

Plan a holiday journey to Melijazz, where every note, every dish, and every moment contribute to a vacation filled with warmth, flavor, and the joy of discovery. Let Melijazz be the pinnacle of your holiday itinerary, promising a celebration that encapsulates the true spirit of your Mediterranean holiday escape.

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