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Cross the Corinth Canal by boat and try bungee jumping

Start your voyage with a scenic canal tour aboard the iconic ship "Argo." Glide through the 6,346 meters of the Corinth Canal, with its expansive surface of 24.6 meters offering a spectacular view of this engineering marvel. Daily tours, available since April 2010, ensure that this experience is a must for holidaymakers seeking a seamless blend of history and breathtaking scenery.

But here's where your adventure takes a thrilling turn. Elevate your holiday experience by adding an adrenaline-fueled bungee jumping excursion from the canal bridge. Picture yourself taking the leap into the unknown, plunging into the abyss with the Corinth Canal as your awe-inspiring backdrop. This daring activity is not just an adventure; it's a defining moment that will become the centerpiece of your holiday stories.

The Corinth Canal isn't just a destination; it's an interactive journey that beckons to be explored. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a cultural enthusiast, this adventure promises to be the highlight of your holiday. Combine the tranquility of canal tours with the exhilaration of bungee jumping, creating a dynamic holiday that blends adventure, history, and the sheer joy of making unforgettable memories. Embrace the magic, savor the thrill, and let the Corinth Canal be the epicenter of your next extraordinary travel escapade.

Corinth Canal

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