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Lousios gorge and pic nic by the river

During your holidays in Peloponnese, you shouldn't miss a hiking tour through the enchanting landscapes of Lousios Gorge, where each step unveils a journey through history and nature.

This exceptional trail winds along the scenic gorge, leading you across ancient stone bridges, past abandoned water mills, and through villages frozen in time. As you meander along, immerse yourself in the charming ambiance of villages like Dimitsana and Langadia, each with its own unique character and historical treasures.

The hike also takes you beneath monasteries perched on cliffs, such as the Prodromou Monastery and Philosophou Monastery. These spiritual havens offer not only breathtaking views of the gorge but also a profound connection to the region's cultural and religious heritage.

It's not just a hike; it's a holiday adventure for the whole family that promises to transport you to a bygone era, where the stories of ancient bridges and monasteries blend seamlessly with the tales of quaint villages. The towering rocks overhead create a dramatic backdrop, while the lively river rushes through the rocky terrain, forming small waterfalls that add to the awe-inspiring ambiance. Nature's artistry is on full display, offering a visual symphony that enhances your hiking experience. If you are more adventurous you can also arrange a rafting experience along the river.

But the journey doesn't end with the trail; it extends to a delightful highlight—a family style picnic by the river. Find the perfect spot in the shade of ancient trees or along the riverbanks of these charming villages, savoring a delicious spread amidst the natural beauty that surrounds you. The rhythmic flow of the river becomes the soundtrack to your picnic, providing a tranquil setting for relaxation and appreciation of the moment.

So, make the most of your holiday with a touristic journey through time, nature, and the cultural tapestry of villages and monasteries. Lace up your hiking boots, embrace the thrill of the trail, and indulge in a picturesque family picnic by the river—a perfect fusion of adventure and relaxation in the heart of Lousios Gorge.

Lousios river

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