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Exploring the Rich History of the Museum of Tegea in Greece

The Archaeological Museum of Tegea was awarded with special praise from the European Museum Awards, which consists of a jury appointed by the European Council. The award ceremony took place on April 9 at the European Museum Forum in San Sebastián in Spain.

According to the jury, the Museum of Tegea, “is in the core of Arcadia and has as its basic theme the rise of the city and the city-state. (The museum) has made the visitor its center, it contains a full re-presentation and offers a cohesive interpretive strategy and a structured narration.”

The Tegea Museum was renovated from scratch in recent years and renewed its exhibition with great success. The whole procedure and course until its re-opening, was presented step by step through social media.

The Tegea Museum is a small, stone building — built in 1909 — that is in perfect harmony with its environment in Alea village, close to the Sanctuary of Athena Alea that contains architectural sculptures. The museum exhibits 770 findings from Tegea and the nearby area, as well as archive material from the archives of the Archaeological Society.


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