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Useful Information

If you are planning to visit Peloponnese, there are several information that could be very helpful. Find how to make your trip more enjoyable, organize it better and get well prepared to experience each part of our beautiful place.


Two airports can be used to arrive in Peloponnese: The Athens airport and the Kalamata airport with the latest to have limited international direct flights. From both you can rent a car, use the public bus or book a private transfer.


You will find that many people speak English and in general you will not face any problems with communications. Other languages are rare. Almost all signs are also in English so navigation is easy if you speak English.


Categories of 3,4,5* hotels and then apartmenst. There are campings Some might find the quality of aNot many 5 star hotels, pure area, many family business for hotels.

Opening hours

Openinh hours of stores, restaurants, arcaheological sites, Sunday all stores closed except restaurnats and cafes.


In the unpleasant occasion that you will need medical support, have in mind that big hospitals exist only in the capitals of each province and in the bigget towns. Small towns and villages have a local health center that has one doctor and can provide the basic health care. etc


Dec/Jan/Feb cold everywhere and snow in mountains,  July/August hot,  mountainous destions cold. Rain in winter in mountains etc

Avoid mass touristm

Pelponnese has managed to avoid mass tourism. Few touristic places. Nafplio, Monemvassia and arcaheological sites, Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae more touristic. Destination for locals too. Easter, kathara deytera, August busy


The Peloponnesian cuisine is based on the Mediterannean diet. Fresh local vegetables because agricultural area, fruits etc. Local meat, the best souvlaki, gyros etc


Tipping in Greece is not mandatory but it is rude not to tip. For restaurats,,,for transfers, for guides...etc

Interested in visiting Peloponnese?

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