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12-Day Archaeology Holidays in Greece

This trip is not just a trip in Greece. It is a trip in the past, to the birthplace of science and the great growth of the arts.Taking this trip, you will travel 3500 years back in time, as you will visit some of the most important ancient Greek sites, including the Acropolis of Athens, Delphi and Meteora, and mainly in the area of Peloponnese: ancient Olympia, ancient Epidaurus (with its famous theater), Mycenae, Nafplio, Sparta, the hidden monasteries in Loussios gorge and ancient Tegea.

It is a trip that seeks not only to offer information and knowledge, but also to stimulate the imagination by immersing the visitor in the very same environment that is described by ancient legends and histories. But there's more than that. Just like in all of our holidays, you will experience the true Greek way of living and we will try to introduce you the true Greece in a way that only locals can do. You will also have the chance to relax, to spend some time on famous Greek beaches, visit the Corinth Canal (and cross it by boat if you wish), and to observe some local winemaking and have the chance to taste the local wines. You can alsocreate your own program of day-trips and activities suited to your length of stay with us.*

Our base will be Tripoli of Arcadia, situated in the heart of the ancient world, in the center of Peloponnese, from where we will have day-trips to each destination.
This small city, having managed all these years to maintain the pure Greek way of living (avoiding mass-tourism), will offer you a taste of the authentic Greece, as the locals experience it.
We also have four more overnights,two in the picturesque seaside village Galaxidi, close to Delphi, and two in Athens next to the rock of Acropolis.

*Personalized programs can be created for you with additional charge depending on the number of participants, length and program of the tour.

Why choose this holiday?

The big advantage of this holiday is that visitors are able to travel to the most important ancient Greek sites outside Athens, without the need of changing hotels every day. Tripoli is located exactly in the centre of all our destinations, no more than 45 minutes by car from most of them. Forget about bothering with moving luggage every day and losing time checking-in and checking-out of hotels. In this way visitors have more time at their disposal to relax, try some of the activities, or simply enjoy the many cafes and the bars of the city.Finally, in this trip you will meet not only ancient Greece, but the modern one too. One of our biggest priorities is to introduce to you to the Greek way of living and culture.

Small group holiday

Typically you will be sharing your experiences with between 3-15 like-minded travelers (depending on the dates and how many others are booked on the trip) and you'll have a group leader with you. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, it is a great value, and a great way to meet new people! While itineraries are pre-planned there is flexibility and you'll have plenty of privacy. This trip will appeal to travelers of all ages who enjoy an authentic cultural experience as well as meeting new people and seeing significant historical sites.

Responsible travel holiday

Responsible travel is a new way of travelling for all those who prefer authenticity of experiences, life and culture instead of mass tourism. It's about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment – but it's about far more than that. Responsible travel is about bringing you closer to local cultures and environments by involving local people in tourism. It's about doing this in a fair way that helps ensure that they will give you an even warmer welcome. For example, a local guide from the destination will open your eyes to their cultures and ways of life far better than an expert guide could ever do.
The responsible travelers want to get a little bit more out of their travels, and to give a little bit back to the special places and people that they encounter. They want deeper and more real travel experiences. The responsible traveler values authenticity – experiences integral to local people's traditions, cultures and rituals - rather than those created for tourism, or those whose existing meanings and uses have become lost as they have been packaged up for tourism.

Choosing our holidays, you choose responsible holidays. One of our biggest concerns is to secure that tourism will not affect negatively our area in ecological and also socio-cultural way, and also that the locals will mostly benefit from your travel. Our company which is the organizer and operator of this package is local-based and all our guides and employees are locals too. In this trip, you will be given printed material about how to apply maximum responsibility during your holidays. We also, as a company, offer 10 euros per person for the environment, for offsetting the carbon emissions caused by this trip. This money are going to be used, in cooperation with the local Forestry Office, the Greek Climbing Club of Tripoli and the Tripoli Ecologist Club, for reforestation in our mountains, that had been hit by great fires in the summer of 2007.

Price (from):



12 days


Every Saturday from April - October


3* hotels




traditional mill in Dimitsana.JPG

✅Corinth Canal

✅Kapsia Cave

✅Lousios Gorge




✅Ancient Olympia




✅Cape Sounio

✅Vouliagmeni Lake

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